THE ONLY series of documentaries about wild boar hunts IN OPEN AREAS.

This Season

Romania is the ninth largest country in the European Union, with a population of over 19 million inhabitants. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest, which is also the tenth largest city in the European Union.

Romania boasts the highest population density of large mammals in Europe, including bears, chamois, deer, wild boars, and wolves. These animals freely roam and find sanctuary in the country’s expansive virgin forests, covering thousands of hectares.

It is a destination where hunters can fully immerse themselves in nature.

Season 2

Spain is renowned worldwide for its geographical diversity and cultural characteristics. Located just over 200 km from Madrid, in the heart of the peninsula, we find La Serranía de Cuenca, which is part of the Iberian System. These mountain ranges possess immense natural wealth. On the other hand, in the northern part of Spain, 250 km from Barcelona, in the province of Huesca, lies Arén, a perfect natural environment for hunting.

Season 1

In our 1st Edition of Wild Boar Unlimited, the adventure takes place in Turkey, continuing the Extreme Hunting series. These two episodes provide a detailed account of four days of driven hunting accompanied by local guides, who show us the hunting techniques specific to this region. Cankiri, known for its driven hunts, offers an ideal landscape and environment for wild boar habitat and reproduction. Haven’t watched them yet? Join us on this thrilling adventure!


Our Pro-Hunters

🇩🇪 Jens Tiggets

The 54-year-old German Marketing Director began hunting in 2009. Over this period, he has hunted 25 different species across nine countries. In Germany, his primary targets are roe deer and wild boar, using both ambush and drive hunting methods.

🇳🇴 Kristopher Clausen

A Norwegian hunter, born in 1976, has been a video producer of hunting for 20 years. He started hunting at the young age of 11 in Africa and his favorite species to hunt are foxes, roe deer, red deer, and moose, preferably with dogs.

🇪🇸 Manuel Mateos

He comes from Spain and is 47 years old. He is an international hunter and the founder of Iberalia GO!. He started with small game hunting for thrushes and since then he has traveled thousands of kilometers hunting in every corner of the world.

🇫🇷 Julien Gingembre

French, a surveyor by profession, is passionate about fishing and hunting wild boars at the age of 36. Another one of his great passions is his collection of dogs. He has 4 dogs in total, including 2 Karelian Bear Dogs and 2 terriers specialized in tracking wild boars.